Patient Feedback

What our patients are saying about us:

Because of ALS of Utica, “my husband was able to stay in his home until his passing. We were able to be together until the end, which meant everything to us. They have done so much for us”.

–Wife of ALS patient in Whitesboro, she wishes not to have her name published

ALS of Utica has helped me and my family pay “for a handicap van rental so we could go to Florida to visit our children and grandchildren… What a great help this was to Dick emotionally and financially. We would not have been able to afford $100 per day van rental without ALS of Utica’s help”.

–Macky Wojdyla, wife of Richard, ALS patient in Sherrill

ALS of Utica has helped me by providing money to help pay for my medication and supplements. In 2005, I spent over $10,000 for those items that were not covered by my drug insurance program”.

–Al Carnicelli, ALS patient in Deerfield

ALS of Utica gave us the funds “to purchase supplies to build the front entrance ramp for our house.

–Margaret McSherry, ALS patient in Whitesboro

ALS of Utica helped us by “giving us several donations over the past few years. Due to Edward’s illness, he required bloodwork, emergency room service (due to falling), ambulance service, doctor’s visits, etc. ALS of Utica sent us much literature to help us understand the illness”.

–Julia Jandzio, wife of Edward, late ALS patient in Yorkville

ALS of Utica paid “for snowplowing, which really helps spare Scott’s energy and lessens the fatigue and achiness”.

–Jody VanBuskirk, wife of Scott, ALS patient in Trenton

ALS of Utica has helped me by “easing my financial responsibilities which has been extremely helpful”.

–Frank Organisciak, ALS patient in Frankfort

Patients were asked… What would home care help mean to you?

Help with home care means that I would be able to live in my own home for my remaining days. Last year, after I left the nursing home in April, I spent about $15,000 for caregivers in order to be able to live at home.

–Al Carnicelli, ALS patient in Deerfield

With working a full time job, taking care of the house, yard etc., with only the help of our daughter it can be more overwhelming than you can imagine. Having someone to help with Dick’s bathing and personal care or being able to have someone stay with him so that I can grocery shop or run errands would be less stressful for both of us.

–Macky Wojdyla, wife of Richard, ALS patient in Sherrill

It would mean physical assistance with cooking, dressing, bathing, toileting and transferring from one position to another.

–Richard McSherry, husband of Margaret, ALS patient in Whitesboro