ALS is no longer hopeless, there are over 43 documented cases by Dr. Richard Bedlack at Duke University of PALS who have reversed their ALS symptoms. In many cases non traditional therapies are being used. Besides the 43 documented cases there are over hundreds of PALS who have stabilized their progression and/or simply feel better and stronger.


We have many pALS that choose to see a Functional Medicine Doctor in addition to their neurologist. A Functional Medicine doctor can order non-traditional tests (not usually covered by insurance). 

These tests may include:

  •       Testing for metals toxicity
  •       Nutritional testing
  •       Microbe and co-infections testing
  •       Gene variant testing
  •       Etc
Methyl B12 SHOT

Please visit: There is a very specific dose that has been shown to help ALS patients, you may need to bring this info to your doctor’s office, this is not a standard dose. 


Please consider googling the term “ALS reversals”.  There are many pALS who have experimented on themselves with various protocols / supplements / testing.  While we at ALS of Utica must warn people to be careful of scams, we can assure you that there are true cases of ALS reversals.  And if not a reversal, many are outliving the predicted death date by 3x, 4x, & 5x… some now going on well over 20 years.

It is your choice where you chose to go down this path or not, we recommend finding a few good ALS Facebook support groups and start asking questions.